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Latest Blog Posts

Animated charts with Highcharts

Step by step tutorial to learn how to plot animation with Highcharts.

Visualize data from HTML tables

Learn how to create an interactive chart from an HTML table using Highcharts.

Live data with RxJs WebSocket, HighCharts, and Angular

Learn how to create a live interactive chart with Live data with RxJs WebSocket, HighCharts, and AngularJS.

Latest News

Highcharts Version 9.0

  We’re proud to announce the new major Highcharts release, including the Stock, Maps, and Gantt packages. Here are the main highlights of Highcharts version 9.0 (check the changelog for more details): 1. A facelift for the Stock range selector We did a significant overhaul of the range selector’s UX. Responsive range selector First, we […]

Highcharts V.8: Faster, better, more powerful.

Highcharts 8 is out. This latest version includes exciting, new charts and features across Highcharts, Highcharts Stock, Highcharts Maps and Highcharts Gantt. Your favorite JavaScript charting library just got turbo-charged!

Color coded data

NEW: Apply color as a data-dimension to your pie charts or column charts.

See the amazing story of how Highcharts got started.

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